CN RESOURCE has the tools, the talent, and the
experience to help you get things done.

With the depth of experience provided by our staff of Registered Dietitians, CPA’s, former State Agency personnel, and former food service directors, CN Resource is able to tackle a variety of projects that might otherwise fall outside the scope of our typical services. Click on a link below to read about projects we have recently completed for State Agencies and/or Schools across the country.

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The professional staff at CN Resource (CNR) is available to conduct trainings on your behalf; or, to provide trainings to your staff on a variety of USDA/FNS topics. Listed here are a few examples of how State Agencies have used our training capabilities –

  • A large State Agency asked the head of our Resource Management team to present to the Directors at their statewide sponsor’s conference.
  • A smaller State Agency asked us to put on their statewide sponsor’s conference, including registration, speakers, handouts, and evaluations.
  • After helping a State Agency redo their CACFP review forms, the CACFP leads at CNR then conducted trainings on how best to use them.
  • After creating resources and tools for the NSLP Administrative Review process, CNR provided a two-day training session on completing the Administrative Review. This training included; how-to’s, best practices and case study reviews.

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The seasoned reviewers at CN Resource (CNR) have helped numerous State Agencies revise, or completely rewrite, their sponsor and site review forms for NSLP, CACFP, and SFSP. Careful attention is paid to make sure all USDA/FNS and State Agency requirements are incorporated into the revised forms. CNR has also worked with several State Agencies to create a database of standardized corrective action to be used by all reviewers, whether subcontractors or on-staff employees. This standardized language brings consistency among sponsor reviews and speeds up the corrective action and closure process.

Sometimes State Agencies just need help for a couple of weeks/months to complete a large or complex sponsor review. For example, we had the privilege of partnering with the DC State Agency to work on their regularly scheduled Administrative Review of the DC Public Schools. Under their direction, we played the role of additional State Agency staff, conducting site visits, reviewing eligibility documentation, proofing menus, etc., which saved the State Agency significant resources.

On more than one occasion, CN Resource (CNR) has been brought in to partner with State Agencies to conduct a complex review. Recently, a State Agency had concerns over counting and claiming procedures at a large for-profit CACFP sponsor. CNR was brought in as a second set of eyes to help evaluate and confirm what the State Agency staff was seeing. CNR then helped with the corrective action and prepared documentation in the event of an appeal.

Recently, two State Agencies asked CN Resource (CNR) to play the role of an independent third party. The first project involved evaluating how well a very large sponsor had complied with a comprehensive and detailed corrective action plan, the determination of which may have resulted in a “seriously deficient” label. While the State Agency had the expertise to complete this project, CNR was asked to step in because of the sensitivity of the situation.

In the second instance, a State Agency asked CNR to complete a follow-up review on a large sponsor that claimed, “the state is targeting us.” Rather than continue debating with the sponsor, the State Agency assigned the review to CNR. The review was completed independently with all findings and the corrective action plan submitted to the state. CNR also maintained and prepared all documentation for a possible appeal.

Certain State Agencies require sponsors of various programs to submit financial statements or financial transactions on a regular basis for review. CN Resource (CNR) has the ability to review submitted documentation, compare it to approved budgets, and evaluate for compliance with 796-2 Revision 4. In addition, the CPA’s at CNR can evaluate Single Audits for red flags or other issues.

Many of the former State Agency employees who work at CN Resource (CNR) have Food Service Management Company (FSMC) oversight experience. At least two of our staff members also worked for FSMC’s. CNR has completed projects that include contract review, proposal templates, contract templates, proposal evaluations, and expert witness services (both of which were on behalf of SFA’s).

CN Resource (CNR) has the ability to review management plans for completeness and to verify that the accompanying policies and procedures meet USDA/FSA standards. For one State Agency, CNR created internal policies and procedures for the administration of their Summer Food Service Program. This provided the State Agency with a consistent method for processing and approving applications, as well as for completing the SFSP site and sponsor reviews.